Herbal Heaven

Today really is the first day of the rest of my life.  I went to see a medical herbalist and she corroborated what I had long suspected.  That menopause isn’t a Thing, unless you are already out of balance.  That gluten and dairy intolerance are often just a symptom, not a cause.  That I really have been really ill, and I was in fact not imagining it.  I can’t begin to describe what a two hour consultation is like:  the chance to tell a wise and sympathetic person your medical, bodily story, the story of who you are, and how you got to be here today, and why no matter that you eat like a saint and sleep ten hours a night, you still feel crap and have trouble standing for any period of time.  Apparently I have a severely congested lymph system, and a barely functioning digestive system, part of which I suspected for some time.  It’s good to finally hear that I can get my mojo back.

But before you start trashing western allopathy (which I am apt to do), today I had a humbling reminder that they do also have their place in our lives, when the daughter who I thought had viral labyrinthitus turned out to have low blood pressure and possibly anemia too.  A herbalist and an allopath in one day.  The yin and the yang.  How lucky we are to have them both.


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