I am home.

In a chocolate intoxicated dream I am aware of the flames in the wood burner.  Improbably, I have been reading part of a short story to my teenage children.   My husband takes a turn, and reads us a thrilling piece from ‘The Essex Serpent’.  The more he reads, the less I listen, as I become … More I am home.

Herbal Heaven

Today really is the first day of the rest of my life.  I went to see a medical herbalist and she corroborated what I had long suspected.  That menopause isn’t a Thing, unless you are already out of balance.  That gluten and dairy intolerance are often just a symptom, not a cause.  That I really … More Herbal Heaven

The Feeling

Today I got The Feeling.  Driving to work, I realised the whole world was holding it’s breath.  Why were there so few cars on the road?  Why did the very sky look apprehensive?  I tried to search for more info but there was none.  Only a vague sense of it being, something big, and possibly, … More The Feeling


I own three laptops.   One no longer supports the internet.  Another will not work without mains power.  The third no longer supports me.  I am not confident that this blog will find you, however I am resolved to try.  I have a long history of disasters with phones and computers, and a secret belief that … More CitizenNowhere